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How come i can only leave 5 stars - i want to leave more!!!! I've been going to Doctor Tarantino for awhile now, the usual - fillings, cleanings....even had to pull a tooth (never had that before eeekkkk) and replace a bridge (double eeeekkkk). There has never, ever been any pain...nothing!!! Well, today was my first root canal - OMG i heard him say those words and i thought i'd throw up right in his chair!!! I mustered all my strength and confidence today and silently said a rosary...watching the time as the hours ticked down...closer and closer to my appointment. *huge sigh*...ok it's time - I go in. The "girls" are so kind and sweet and know how scared I am...I'm one of those "white knuckle patients"....oh God they called my name down the hallway I went....I felt like my kitty must feel when she goes to the vet (laughs). Dr. Tarantino came into the exam room and explains the procedure that he's going to do i hear blah, click, blah, click and blah. My heart is pounding out of my chest... ok we're ready to start. *gulp* I'm not sure how much time went by but then I heard Dr. Tarantino say - OK Jules, we're done...i said ummm done? like finished? I must have dozed off in the chair (laughs). He is so amazing and so kind and honorable. The office staff makes you feel like you're family and so does Dr. Tarantino. Everything is done for the patient's comfort. While I was all numbed up he also filled 4 cavities. This doctor is beyond awesome. He talked me through the whole procedure telling me every step of the way what was happening, what I would feel...which totally put me at ease. I would never go to another dentist!!!! He is the best!!!!
- Julia S. 4/16/2018


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