THE BEST DENTIST I have had as an adult. The staff is super friendly Nina is the best hygienist I have ever had. Dr. T as I call him is the best he explains everything and all options for you. Love this office wouldn't go anywhere else.


Dr. Tarantino is the best dentist I've ever experienced!! I recommend all my friends and coworkers to him. My 7 year old son is a patient which means he and his staff are gentle enough for children! My family have been going to Dr Tarantino for years. He is a wonderful man, and a wonderful doctor! ! I have had painless procedures! He has a great staff as well. I highly recommend Dr. Tarantino.

Maggie I.

The office is very clean and the front desk was amazing. They were very accommodating and made the entire process easy from start to finish. I highly recommend this office. I was skeptical at first because it was further than I live but it's really worth the trip.

Starr M.

By far, the best Dentist in Staten Island (& the best that I have ever gone to.) Kind, caring, very gentle, polite, & highly skilled. Dr. Tarantino is truly God-sent. I have had several negative experiences with dentists over the years, & it means so very much to me to have finally found one that goes out of his way to do everything possible to save my teeth in spite of a myriad of gum & dental issues, is just such a wonderful change from what I experienced in the past. Additionally, he is not greedy at all, taking dental plans that hardly pay & that are rejected elsewhere, while still providing state-of-the-art, extensive treatment. He delivers Novocain to his patients in a completely pain free manner & his office staff is likewise excellent, helpful, and friendly. Also, his Hygienist is quite wonderful & gives cleanings that are akin to the type of periodontal work that one normally needs to seek separately at much higher personal cost. Once you are seen here, you will be a lifelong patient.

Bill L.

Just wanted to give a thanks for Grandview for providing excellent care to me today. Jennifer took care of me and she was excellent. She also provided some tips on some issues I was having. See you guys in 6 months

Matt G.

Everyone at Dr Tarantino's office is so friendly, they make you feel so comfortable. He makes you feel as if you are not being treated. He is extremely gentle and professional. He's very soft spoken and makes you feel very relaxed.
The staff is very friendly.
The office is so clean and they run their appointments on time!
I highly recommend you going there!

Gloria L.


How come i can only leave 5 stars - i want to leave more!!!! I've been going to Doctor Tarantino for awhile now, the usual - fillings, cleanings....even had to pull a tooth (never had that before eeekkkk) and replace a bridge (double eeeekkkk). There has never, ever been any pain...nothing!!! Well, today was my first root canal - OMG i heard him say those words and i thought i'd throw up right in his chair!!! I mustered all my strength and confidence today and silently said a rosary...watching the time as the hours ticked down...closer and closer to my appointment. *huge sigh*...ok it's time - I go in. The "girls" are so kind and sweet and know how scared I am...I'm one of those "white knuckle patients"....oh God they called my name down the hallway I went....I felt like my kitty must feel when she goes to the vet (laughs). Dr. Tarantino came into the exam room and explains the procedure that he's going to do i hear blah, click, blah, click and blah. My heart is pounding out of my chest... ok we're ready to start. *gulp* I'm not sure how much time went by but then I heard Dr. Tarantino say - OK Jules, we're done...i said ummm done? like finished? I must have dozed off in the chair (laughs). He is so amazing and so kind and honorable. The office staff makes you feel like you're family and so does Dr. Tarantino. Everything is done for the patient's comfort. While I was all numbed up he also filled 4 cavities. This doctor is beyond awesome. He talked me through the whole procedure telling me every step of the way what was happening, what I would feel...which totally put me at ease. I would never go to another dentist!!!! He is the best!!!!
- Julia S. 4/16/2018


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