Restorative Dentistry for Healthier, Happier Smiles in Staten Island

senior couple relaxing at home by the windowHealthy, functional, and great-looking smiles contribute towards positive self-confidence and overall quality of life. When you have increasing dental pain or a growing cavity, you deserve effective care from a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy team. At Grandview Dental Office, Dr. Ralph Tarantino provides fully customizable dental restorations and quality restorative treatments and has been doing so since 1990. Our team is proud to serve individuals and families in Staten Island as well as the surrounding communities.

By combining our restorative dental services with proven techniques, decades of experience, and advanced technology, we can help restore your smile like new. Call Grandview Dental Office to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one today!


Do My Teeth Need Restoration?

asian woman looking at her smile in home bathroom mirrorAlthough teeth are strong, they can still crack, chip, decay, or become worn over time. Even the smallest amount of damage could jeopardize the integrity of your tooth and oral health. Tiny chips or cracks in the enamel can get worse because of constant use, bacteria, or food debris entering the tooth. Issues such as these often lead to infection, which makes daily chewing and speaking painful and can compromise the overall health of your smile.

With restorative dentistry, our team can repair damage and restore teeth to full function, strength, and beauty. Treating slightly damaged teeth early on also helps increase your chances of keeping as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Reliable Restoration Treatment from Ralph Tarantino, DMD

When visiting Grandview Dental Office for restorative care, your needs will be met with precision and skill. Since 1990, Dr. Ralph Tarantino has been treating the dental and oral health needs of individuals throughout Staten Island and the surrounding communities. He is also a member of the endodontics academy and continues to expand his many years of experience with continued training. Our dentist has the knowledge and skill to provide exceptional care based on preserving every aspect of your oral health.

Our available restorative services include:

Our team loves seeing individuals and their families for care. However, we also understand that the need for dental care can be intimidating, especially if you’ve recently experienced an accident or trauma which may require multifaceted treatment. This is why we offer all forms of dental sedation, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious, and IV sedation provided by an outside anesthesiologist. To help improve your experience, we administer gentle and needle-free local anesthesia using The Wand® computerized system.

Which Solution is Right for Me?

Handsome male patient looking at his beautiful smile sitting at the dental officeSometimes, your restoration needs may not always be as obvious as a large crack or missing tooth. We use advanced technologies to help make it easier for our team to detect issues, diagnose pain, and treat problems before they develop into serious oral health concerns. Digital x-rays provide more detailed images regarding the underlying health of teeth, roots, gums, and bone, while also reducing your exposure to radiation.

Hand-held, intraoral cameras paired with a microscope allow us to detect what’s going on inside your smile in real-time. These tools provide us with clear views which we display on a monitor to show you what’s going on and educate you along the way. We can also use the enhanced images of your teeth and gums to explain our findings and why we are recommending certain procedures to you.

Depending on your needs, certain solutions, such as Invisalign® or ACE clear braces , can be added to your treatment plan. We can use these orthodontic treatments to align teeth properly, which often helps prevent the need for more complicated procedures.

Should Missing Teeth be Replaced?

Tooth loss also means lost tooth roots. The roots of your teeth are essential for providing constant stimulation that your jawbone so it can remain functional, healthy, and strong. The longer teeth go unreplaced, the weaker your jawbone becomes. Even one tooth missing in your smile can alter the health of neighboring teeth, your jawbone, digestion, and much more.

While the symptoms that come along with missing teeth don’t happen right away, they will progress the longer teeth that are lost go untreated. For your oral health and overall well-being, we highly recommend replacing missing teeth. Fortunately, we provide dental implant placement and restoration so you can enjoy restored oral health, dental function, and improved quality of life once more!

What are Dental Implants Exactly?

3d render of dental implantsDental implants are body-safe, titanium posts that permanently replace missing tooth roots once inserted into the jawbone by our skilled dentist. Implants are unlike any other option available because they become a permanent part of your jawbone. When placed in the jaw, dental implants fuse with living tissue in a process known as osseointegration. This bonding process allows your implants to provide a secure, reliable, and lifelong solution to your missing teeth. With dental implants, Dr. Tarantino can replace one to all teeth lost in your smile.

How Many Teeth Can Implants Replace?

At Grandview Dental Office, we provide restorations supported by dental implants to replace lost teeth. These include:

  • Crowns for restoring a single missing tooth when attached to one dental implant
  • Bridges that replace one to several missing teeth using two or more dental implants
  • Partial dentures to replace multiple missing teeth in your smile
  • Complete dentures that use four, six, or eight dental implants to restore all teeth in your smile

We partner with a trusted lab known for their ability to create durable restorations made from the highest quality materials. Each restoration is made based on your unique needs for replacement and desires for renewing your smile’s appeal.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Most adults and seniors who are in good oral and overall health make great candidates for implants. However, successful implant placement and treatment depends on whether your jawbone is healthy enough to receive and hold dental implants. In cases where your jawbone density may be weak, our dentists can perform a bone graft or sinus lift procedure to add material to the area.

Why Do My Gums Also Need Care?

Woman with gum inflammation, closeupSmiles that look, feel, and function well rely on strong foundations of healthy teeth and gums. Sometimes, restoring the integrity of your smile includes treating gum disease. Our Staten Island dentist provides professional care for eliminating gum infection using the power of dental lasers, ARESTIN antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing, and maintenance cleanings.

For treating early stages of gum disease, Dr. Tarantino often combines ARESTIN antibiotics with tooth scaling to fight off bacteria while removing plaque from teeth as well as above and below the gumline. He then smooths the surfaces of tooth roots during root planing to promote proper gum healing and reattachment. Dental lasers help our dentist remove diseased gum tissue without the need for scalpels or stitches throughout treatment. For those with severe cases, our dentist can refer you to a trusted periodontist in the area to make sure you receive the specialized treatment you need.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

3d render of a healthy tooth and its anatomical structureRoot canal therapy is necessary when infection reaches the inner tissues, nerves, and blood vessels of a tooth, also known as the pulp. During a root canal, our dentist accesses the inner chamber of your tooth, removing the diseased pulp. Once the infected tissues are removed, he gently cleans the pulp chamber, sealing it with antibacterial material. We place a crown restoration over your treated tooth to restore strength and protect it from future harm.

When performed promptly, root canal therapy can help save a significant amount of your natural tooth. Waiting too long to receive a root canal could result in the infection compromising your oral health, then an extraction may be your best option.

What if My Tooth Can’t be Saved?

It might be necessary to extract other teeth for a range of reasons, such as advanced decay, gum disease, crowded wisdom teeth, or trauma. Our team strives to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. In cases where a tooth is unsalvageable, extraction is often the best course of action for protecting your oral health. Dr. Tarantino has decades of experience performing gentle tooth extractions using innovative techniques and technology. If your extraction needs are more complex, we can refer you to a trusted local oral surgeon for effective care.

Restore Your Smile Today!

To discover your options for restorative dental care, contact Dr. Ralph Tarantino and his team at Grandview Dental Office today! Our experienced team is here to help you reach complete dental health, function, and beauty once more!



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